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The Break Free Framework

Complimentary Break Free Foundation Course

Life doesn’t need to be the struggle that everyone says it is!

This is a complimentary 5-week video foundation course on the art of decluttering and breaking free that has helped hundreds of people just like you! By signing up, you will receive one short video in your inbox every week where I speak about decluttering one of the key areas of life: health, personal growth, people & relationships, business & career, and money.

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Key Takeaway:

This is the best place to begin if you are new to decluttering and Saahil's Break Free philosophy.

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Saahil’s grasp over decluttering is deep, original, and very authentic. Every thought that he shares, every experience that he narrates is so relatable that the impact of the learning is indelible. More important than the learning is the shift in perspective that he is able to achieve in his audience which sets them on a learning journey of their own.
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Swapnalekha Basak
CEO, HCS Wellness

Keynotes & Workshops

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Key Takeaway:

Discover how Breaking Free can help your team through my personal journey, via a presentation you'll never forget!


Unforgettable Experiences

As a Speaker

I bring an unparalleled energy to stages around the globe by actively engaging audiences. Everything I talk about is rooted in personal experience and relatability. With engaging storytelling, I can interact with audiences at any level – from students to CXOs – and make sure that everyone leaves with actionable strategies to create sustainable change.

Whatever stage you are in in your life, whether you’re a student about to start a career, or an executive already managing a large team or organisation – I will enable you to get crystal clear about your goals and summits, and adopt the proven tools and rituals to begin your journey towards scaling your new summits!

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Meaningful Learning & Change

As a Facilitator

My workshops are designed to get your entire team on the fast-track to becoming the leaders of tomorrow that the world. Discover why Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 executive coach and leadership thinker in the world has endorsed the break free philosophy!

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Key Takeaway:

Get a new perspective on how quickly you can reach your summits of success faster via the Break Free framework.

With all the self-development that many of us are doing we tend to focus on awareness, learning, meditation, routine, etc., and we fall in and out of all the above many times. Of course, Saahil touched on all these points but always went back to decluttering. It is just a word, but the way he talked about it, he gave it so much meaning and it all made sense...and it all falls into place with this one word if you follow it mentally and physically!
testimonial sima haroun
Sima Haroun
Founder & Curator, Boom & Mellow


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Key Takeaway:

Experience Breaking Free as a single unit with your peers, knowing that you are embedding world-class standards


Transformation For Teams

Group Coaching

There is nothing more paralyzing than feeling that no matter how hard you work, it’s not enough; how much you try to be there for your family, it never works; and no matter how hard you wish to grow healthier, there is always something missing. You are always playing catch up with all sorts of clutter in your life.

Being an entrepreneur and having established several businesses across 3 continents, I have gone through this journey and broken free to the other side, and I would like to show you and your team how you can do the same!

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Saahil has gone through a transformational journey that has upped his game as a professional, a husband, father, and human being. There are so many learnings in his journey that I have been able to take away and reapply. I had the pleasure of seeing my team awed and fascinated when he offered a session at the company. Highly recommend listening to his journey and inviting all those around you to share in these nuggets of wisdom.
testimonial mona ataya
Mona Ataya
CEO, Mumzworld
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Key Takeaway:

You'll discover how badly you want something in your life, then prioritise and passionately pursue to grow into that with eagerness and enthusiasm.


Personal Transformation

One-On-One Coaching

If you feel overwhelmed with stress or anxiety which is affecting your health/relationships/wealth, I can help you break free from the mental clutter that’s holding you down, show you how to step out of your comfort zone, and transform your entire life. The simple tools and rituals I share will enable you to be more efficient and make more time to live your life your way.

I believe that once you master the art of strategically decluttering the non-essentials in life, you truly empower yourself to get rid of the illusions of limits, and rise to manifest the best version of yourself.

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Saahil's session on decluttering was incredibly powerful. His authentic and humble delivery of his message raised me to a new level of understanding of life's purpose and my own soul plan. I would definitely recommend it as an eye opener for something much bigger.
testimonial rohan mehta petrochem middle east
Rohan Mehta
Business Development Director, Petrochem
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