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“Saahil's decluttering talk changed me.”

Four months on, I now wake up early enough to get the most important things in my life done before most others roll out of bed. We've all read about the benefits...but I found Saahil's story of what he's been able to achieve by actually doing it inspiring enough to make me want to change my own journey!
testimonial ahmed al akber hello chef saahil mehta
Ahmed Al Akber
CEO, hellochef.me

Do you need an impactful, entertaining, and credible speaker to motivate the crowd?
Find out why I’ve been recognised as a in-demand speaker across the Gulf, Africa, India, and beyond

break free

Spreading the Philosophy

Energising and motivating talks to enable you scale your summits of success

From businesses to multinational organisations, to other academic institutions, I have delivered various successful keynotes at global conferences and events. My mission? Simple: to enable people strategically declutter the key dimensions of life to experience joy, abundance, and peace.

I want to enable you – whatever stage you are in in your life, whether you’re at an early stage in your career, an executive already managing a large team or organisation, or even a trainer or speaker – to get diamond-grade clarity so that you too can break free from the chaos & clutter stopping you from scaling your summit faster.

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With Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s #1 Executive Leadership Coach

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Global Influence, Massive Impact

Discover why I've shared the stage with these influencers

The Break Free philosophy, recognised and endorsed by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith:

“Eliminate what does not matter. Just focus on where you can make a positive difference and do that, and everything else, just let go. All that stuff that you don’t care about anyway is clutter, just get rid of it.”


I urge you to read and apply these most important principles. Saahil offers specific tools and choices which allow us to simplify our lives physically, materially, intellectually, and emotionally. By doing this we can become more free and effective with our lives. This enables us to perform at a higher level.
testimonial warren rustand
Warren Rustand
CEO, Summit Capital Consulting LLC

Clients that Trust Me

5 Reasons to Hand Me the Microphone

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Speaker Bio

Saahil is an entrepreneur and a passionate mountaineer who has scaled some of the tallest mountains in the world across 5 continents in the last decade—a dream he harboured since childhood.

As a global citizen, Saahil has built successful businesses across two continents; but even thereafter, he struggled to experience peace, happiness, & abundance. Only after he conquered his self-limiting mental, emotional, and physical clutter, he was able to reinvent four key dimensions of his life.

With his debut book Break Free, he shares his journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams and shows you how to master strategic decluttering to break-free and scale your personal summits every single day.

Download My "One Sheet"

A focused document that has comprehensive information about booking me as a speaker. Share this with your team or event organisers to make your next event a success!

Very easy to understand and implement. Covered many aspects of decluttering. Decluttering of mind, body, and surrounding space. Overall, highly recommended. Great job Saahil 🙂 and thank you for helping others to embark on their decluttering journey.
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Seema Ved
Financial Controller, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

Featured Talks & Podcast Appearances

Play Video about video cover keynote eo tanzania dar es salaam saahil mehta
Keynote at EO, Tanzania

Watch a clip from my keynote at Dar-Es-Salaam about the Break Free philosophy and a practical tool that you can apply right away that will greatly reduce stress

Play Video about vide cover webinar tmtc learning latitudes tata group saahil mehta
Webinar for TMTC Learning Latitudes (TATA Group)

In this online keynote, I speak to the audience about the Break Free toolkit for scaling your summits of success faster

Play Video about video cover ypo workshop dubai the sky is just the beginning saahil mehta v2
Workshop with YPO Dubai

Watch a clip from my workshop “The Sky Is Just the Beginning” at the Waldorf Astoria, with the YPO Asean chapter in Dubai

"Rated at my company as one of the most engaging sessions of the year"
Saahil has gone through a transformational journey that has upped his game as a professional, a husband, father, and human being. There are so many learnings in his journey that I have been able to take away and reapply. I had the pleasure of seeing my team awed and fascinated when he offered a session at the company. Highly recommend listening to his journey and inviting all those around you to share in these nuggets of wisdom.
testimonial mona ataya
Mona Ataya
CEO, Mumzworld
"Saahil's session was on point...so specific and simple"
It was a wonderful experience having Saahil as a guest speaker for our organization connect. As we are going through this work from home period, it has become a challenge but an even more important area for people, to focus on their wellbeing and Saahil’s session was on point in helping us outline simple tips and tricks with which we can declutter our lives. What really stood out was that the actions were so specific and simple that it really helped people apply them to their lives.
testmonial azmeenay arshad baby care proctor gamble
Azmeenay Arshad
Brand Director, Baby Care, Proctor & Gamble, Pakistan

Worldwide Impact

I have enabled hundreds of people take their success to the next level. Are you next? If you need a hand in deciding whether your organisation will benefit the most from a keynote, workshop, or personalised team coaching, book a complimentary consultation to find out.

Have Questions?

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions below:

Dubai, UAE and USA during summers.

The answer to this question is YES and NO.

I DO NOT speak for free yet I understand you might not have a budget allocated for a speaker.

I do not accept “exposure” as a currency yet I love to get access!

Who do you know that might be interesting for me to meet?

If you are asking me to forego my fee, what will you be able to do for me in return – would you be able to bulk order my book BREAK FREE and gift it to all delegates at the event? Or would you be able to share the database of the delegates?

There are MANY creative ways to have me at your event without paying my speaker’s fee. Let’s chat to work it out…

As long as we can find a fair solution I am happy to consider the possibility of waiving my speaking fee. I have worked in countries where barter and trade are a common currency, so rest assured I have an open mind on this matter and will happily discuss different possibilities.

I am very flexible on this matter. I am happy with the traveling economy, yet I always appreciate an upgrade especially for flights over 6 hours.


As an Entrepreneur, Author, Coach and Keynote Speaker I do have a busy schedule and in order to ‘lock’ a date for you, I would request a small non-refundable deposit.

We can agree on the amount when we talk on the phone.

Even though your deposit is non-refundable, I will take it into consideration when we agree on new dates for your event.


I understand how important your event is…

In addition, I am aware your event offers no do-overs. For this reason, allow me to list everything you can expect from me for your peace-of-mind:

  1. I am easy to work with, I understand I am there to support you.
  2. I adhere to a strict professional code of ethics.
  3. My presentations are thought provoking, motivating and fun.
  4. I provide great experiences for your audience.
  5. My content is always fresh and relevant.
  6. I understand the events industry. I’ll give you no reason to worry.
  7. I will always be prepared. I am a pro!
  8. I will make you look good in every way I can.
  9. I will make your entire organization look great.
  10. I customize my content to your audience.
  11. I am eloquent and always deliver my message with impact.
  12. I can fill more than one spot on your event (training, breakouts).
  13. I will be always available for your audience-post keynote to interact with them.
  14. I use appropriate and clean humor.
  15. I am flexible and adaptable with last-minute changes.
  16. I am not an ego speaker, I am there to make YOU look great.
  17. I love creating positive experiences for audiences.
  18. I am ALWAYS audience-centered not ‘me’ centered.
  19. I will work to be the best speaker you’ve ever hired.
  20. I have always your best interest in mind.

I’ve got a question for you…

What other speaker do you know who can GUARANTEE everything I mentioned above?


It depends on where you are.

I will be happy to offer a 1 hour sample training/coaching session to your executive team if that is what you require.

I can also do a sample session in webinar format. This might be easier and more cost effective. It is not the same, but will give your executives a better idea of my speaking style and what I can provide for your organization.


I am not a “canned” presenter…

Before the event, I will make sure we set up time so you can tell me about the outcome you want from the event. I will research your company, your industry and prepare my material to make sure YOU obtain the outcome we agreed on.


In my experience, the magic lies in a sustainable transformation, not just motivation!

If there is no follow-up, people will forget what they learned during the event in less than a week. I offer multiple follow-up possibilities and I will make sure we cover this issue when we talk on the phone.


I am glad you asked…

I LOVE designing training/learning courses for organizations of all sizes on the following subjects:

  • Strategic clarity and thinking
  • Impactful communication
  • Team building
  • Scaling your goals and summits faster
  • Sustainable personal transformation

My educational material is very practical and easy to implement. My focus is IMPLEMENTATION and I will guide your management team on every step of the way until you reach the goals we set for the educational program.

Let’s connect; I love to get involved in projects where I can create a big positive impact in an organization.


I have been organizing public retreats in the format of “Luxury Camping” and would love to bring a similar model to your organization for an inhouse retreat.

Let’s talk about how I can help you make your management retreat a complete success!

Click here to find out more about my retreats and register for any upcoming retreats that I have planned.


I have a page dedicated answering this specific question. Please click here to find out more about my consulting services.

Invite Me To Speak

Do you represent a business, organisation, school, or institution interested in having Saahil come in and talk to your audience? Send an enquiry below: