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Endorsed by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Saahil's decluttering and Break Free philosophy:
Eliminate what does not matter. Just focus on where you can make a positive difference and do that, and everything else, just let go. All that stuff that you don’t care about anyway is clutter, just get rid of it.
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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Global Thought Leader, Multiple Time Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and World's #1 Executive Leadership Coach

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As a Collaborator

Event planners love working with Saahil

Saahil collaborates with and is represented by RightSelection, a global organisation of elite speakers that works with international authors and thought leaders such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Ron Kaufman, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield.

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As a Keynote Speaker

Audiences love Saahil

Saahil touches hearts and minds with his authentic, impactful delivery, bringing value with every keynote he delivers!

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"Authentic, insightful, and impactful"

An authentic, insightful, and impactful presentation on the topic of decluttering, by someone who is a living example of this practice. Goes well beyond the basics of getting rid of material possessions, leading each of us to self-examine how we are living our lives.
testimonial mazen omair
Mazen Omair
President & CEO, Momair Trading LLC

"Incredibly powerful, authentic and humble delivery"

Saahil's session on decluttering was incredibly powerful. His authentic and humble delivery of his message raised me to a new level of understanding of life's purpose and my own soul plan. I would definitely recommend it as an eye opener for something much bigger.
testimonial nita maru
Nita Maru
Solicitor & Managing Partner, TWS Legal Consultants

"Saahil's decluttering talk changed me"

Saahil's decluttering talk changed me. Four months on, I now wake up early enough to get the most important things in my life done before most others roll out of bed. We've all read about the benefits of getting up early but I found Saahil's story of what he's been able to achieve by actually doing it inspiring enough to make me want to change my own journey!
testimonial ahmed al akber hello chef saahil mehta
Ahmed Al Akber
Hello Chef

"Even more helpful during times of isolation!"

Thanks Saahil for a great session! I'm clearly taking away some simple and useful tips to improve my physically and mental well-being. Even more helpful during times of isolation!
testimonial vishnu taimni
Vishnu Taimni
Vice President, Print Category, HP Middle East, Africa, & Eastern Europe

"Very easy to understand and implement."

Covered many aspects of decluttering. Decluttering of mind, body, and surrounding space. Overall, highly recommended. Great job Saahil 🙂 and thank you for helping others to embark on their decluttering journey.
logo merrill lynch saahil mehta
Seema Ved
Financial Controller, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

"An authentic speaker eager to inspire and empower"

I was already interested in the subject of decluttering and simplifying one's life, and Saahil's talk was the perfect opportunity to hear first-hand from someone who is currently well on that journey how/where to begin with tangible ideas, tools, and stages for the journey. Saahil is an authentic speaker eager to empower and inspire his audience.
testimonial dina yazbak
Dina Yazbak
Food Blogger & Recipe Developer

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webinars, Groups, and Executive Coaching

International organisations trust Saahil

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"The talk was positioned perfectly"

It's an honour to have Saahil on board as part of our Safe Space network. In order to inspire our community, we work with experts across numerous topics to deliver better ways to manage our mental well being. The Declutter Your Mind series was positioned perfectly to help us better understand how to peel back the layers, to reveal the simplicity of life beneath.
testimonial dani hakim
Dani Hakim
Co-founder, Safe Space Dubai

"What Saahil brings to the table is something every human needs."

Saahil’s grasp over decluttering is deep, original, and very authentic. Every thought that he shares, every experience that he narrates is so relatable that the impact of the learning is indelible. More important than the learning is the shift in perspective that he is able to achieve in his audience which sets them on a learning journey of their own.
testimonial swapnalekha basak
Swapnalekha Basak
CEO, HCS Wellness

"The unmasking and decluttering journey was astounding."

Saahil presented excellent examples of achieving an organized, home, office, or car that greatly reduces stress in your life. As he painted a vivid picture, it helped grasp the true essence behind his message. That there is always a choice-that is where Saahil's dialogue hit the nail on the head. An inspirational session and I was glad to be a part of it.
testimonial vic bageria
Vic Bageria
CEO & Chief Visionary Officer of Xpandretail

"Saahil is a rare breed"

Saahil is a rare breed; especially for our times when the draw of materialistic life is so alluring. His life philosophy of decluttering, which he generously shares at his coaching sessions is indeed time tested, ancient wisdom from so many faiths with a twenty-first-century man's earnest application that it rings true to all audiences. I walked away feeling inspired and grateful for the reminder of how we should all live.
Lakshmi Gulab

"Made me look at issues with a different approach"

Saahil's session on decluttering was incredibly powerful. His authentic and humble delivery of his message raised me to a new level of understanding of life's purpose and my own soul plan. I would definitely recommend it as an eye opener for something much bigger.
testimonial rohan mehta petrochem middle east
Rohan Mehta
Business Development Director, Petrochem

"Saahil...a guy who is so sorted at such a young age. "

A guy who has heard his inner voice and eventually discovered himself and his calling at the right time. Kudos to him and his belief. His journey is liberating. He must continue sharing, so more people can benefit from his liberating experience.
Shilpa Shenoy
Director, TOBS (The One Business System)

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break free

As an International Author

Readers love Saahil's debut book

Making waves around the world, Break Free is more than just a book. It is a philosophy that touches all areas of life.

In it, Saahil shares his experiences, insights, and most importantly rituals that show you how to grow into a more compassionate leader who can peacefully navigate their transcendental journeys towards better health, wealth, and relationships as they scale their personal summits of desire and destiny.

Saahil's approach to de-cluttering life is something everyone should utilize. Who does not want more headspace?!
testimonial moustafa hamwi
Moustafa Hamwi
CEO, Passionpreneur Publishing

"Similar to Tim Ferriss and Robin Sharma"

Saahil, similar to Tim Ferris and Robin Sharma, is able to practice what he preaches. Saahil's holistic approach to decluttering really pushes us to delve deep into our conscious and remove the unnecessary from our life. The book is personal and enlightening with many tips and to dos that one can use in their daily life.
testimonial vishal mehta lumex
Vishal Mehta
Director, Lumex

"Worth so much more than the price of the book"

Saahil's book has done an awesome job of both educating and inspiring me to take action in decluttering my life. Just the clear, actionable distinction between "wants" vs "needs" and the possibilities that opens up is worth much more than the price of the book. There is so much more about my body, my relationships, and my mindset. Highly recommend.
testimonial henry chidgey
Henry Chidgey
Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, & Founder, Osage Consulting Group, Texas, USA

"Saahil has inspired me to greater and deeper levels in life"

I greatly enjoyed and valued Saahil's book as he explains decluttering through his personal journey. The more we detach from things and people that do not elevate our purpose and soul, the more space we create for newer purposeful things to happen in our life. We need to declutter from energies that don't serve us to receive the energies that will serve us. I wish him a blessed journey ahead.
testimonial meher mirchandani
Meher Mirchandani
Director, Manrre Logistics Fund & Author of "Come Alive"

"I urge you to read and apply these most important principles"

Saahil offers specific tools and choices which allow us to simplify our lives physically, materially, intellectually, and emotionally. By doing this we can become more free and effective with our lives. This enables us to perform at a higher level.
testimonial warren rustand
Warren Rustand
CEO, Summit Capital Consulting LLC

"Saahil's story and journey is inspirational."

Being reminded that it actually takes very little to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life and that accumulating things is rarely the solution for finding inner peace was very valuable. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their life and ready to make some changes.
testimonial olivia manner
Olivia Manner
Founder, hellochef.me

"I was blown away and easily able to relate"

Decluttering was a word that I had never knew before, let alone learned....I was blown away! I was easily able to relate to Saahil's examples. After reading what led him to start decluttering, I was motivated to do the same. Every day, I try to follow Saahil's path to clear my body and soul. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience!
testimonial dheesh ved saahil mehta
Dheesh Ved
Aditya Birla World Academy, IB Year 1

Want to find out more about Break Free and start your own decluttering journey?

Having clarity on your purpose is no easy task. Attending the personal mastery workshop with Saahil lights the spark to an amazing journey ahead.
testimonial wadih hadad
Wadih Haddad
Founder & CEO, The Box


Powerful events, Experiences, and coaching

More praise for Saahil as a speaker, coach, and mentor

"Keep it up Saahil...you are an inspiration!"

This truly remarkable human being took us all on this amazing journey of decluttering. What's purely fantastic is Saahil has done this from inside out. Just through hearing Saahil's journey I got such insight on the potential each of us have to continue to grow and aspire to be our best self!
testimonial sherina jethwani fitness one in one saahil mehta
Sherina Jethwani
Fitness One in One

"Hearing Saahil share his journey was really eye-opening"

With all the self-development that many of us are doing we tend to focus on awareness, learning, meditation, routine, etc., and we fall in and out of all the above many times. Of course, Saahil touched on all these points but always went back to decluttering. It is just a word, but the way he talked about it, he gave it so much meaning and it all made sense...and it all falls into place with this one word if you follow it mentally and physically!
testimonial sima haroun
Sima Haroun
Founder & Curator, Boom & Mellow

"Lingers on in the conscious like ripples in a pond"

Saahil's experience share was not only generous and compelling, but the effect of his vulnerability in sharing how it feels to declutter one's physical space and mind, linger on in the conscious like ripples created in a pond after the disruption of throwing a pebble in its still water. Inspired by his drive for self-growth and compassion for life, I find myself reflecting on his ability to let go of what is not important in life to be better able to hold onto what really matters.
testimonial rana batterjee
Rana A. Batterjee

"Rated at my company as one of the most engaging sessions of the year"

Saahil has gone through a transformational journey that has upped his game as a professional, a husband, father, and human being. There are so many learnings in his journey that I have been able to take away and reapply. I had the pleasure of seeing my team awed and fascinated when he offered a session at the company. Highly recommend listening to his journey and inviting all those around you to share in these nuggets of wisdom.
testimonial mona ataya
Mona Ataya
CEO, Mumzworld

"Saahil's session was on point...so specific and simple"

It was a wonderful experience having Saahil as a guest speaker for our organization connect. As we are going through this work from home period, it has become a challenge but an even more important area for people, to focus on their wellbeing and Saahil’s session was on point in helping us outline simple tips and tricks with which we can declutter our lives. What really stood out was that the actions were so specific and simple that it really helped people apply them to their lives.
testmonial azmeenay arshad baby care proctor gamble
Azmeenay Arshad
Brand Director, Baby Care, Proctor & Gamble, Pakistan

"Saahil's session was paced well, engaging, and effectively delivered"

As part our webinar sessions, we had Saahil deliver a session on Strategic Decluttering. The program was effectively delivered and content was simple and engaging. Saahil ensured that the content is paced well and interspersed with lot of reflection based activities to ensure great engagement among the audience. Most participants had a clear takeaway and rated the session to be very good.
testimonial pradeep kumaran act atria convergence technologies saahil mehta
A.M. Pradeep Kumaran
Head, Learning and Development
Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.

"Brought about a different perspective"

Saahil's session was very informative and brought about a different perspective to leadership and leading oneself.
testimonial prashant michael 247ai saahil mehta
Prashant Michael
Vice President & Head, Learning & Organization Development, India & Americas

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