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Declutter Your Life

Are you ready to break free to live free?

“The possibilities that Break Free opens up are worth so much more than the price of the book. It does an awesome job of educating and inspiring.”

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What clutter is holding you back from greatness?

Clutter is nothing more than shunned confrontations. Whether it is mental, physical, people, or material, I know how it feels. I too struggled with each of these issues which held me back from reaching my true potential.

Until I identified the core clutter weighing me down; I was living a lie. It was like wearing a permanent mask. Until I learnt to Break Free from all that and more.

In Break Free, I share my experiences, insights, and most importantly rituals that show you how to grow into a more compassionate leader who can peacefully navigate their transcendental journeys towards better health, wealth, and relationships as they scale their personal summits of desire and destiny.


Personal Growth




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Why should you read Break Free?

By reading this book, you can expect to have…

More time

To pursue your passion and priorities and make yourself a priority

High energy

Wake up with clarity of purpose each day, so that you never feel lost

Love and joy

Live your life rather than letting fear and stress dictate it

Greater focus

And increased awareness in all areas of life

Better relationships

Stronger and deeper connections with the people who matter to you

Self acceptance

Never worry about judgement and know what you're doing is right

“What Saahil brings to the table is something every human needs.”
Saahil’s grasp over decluttering is deep, original, and very authentic. Every thought that he shares, every experience that he narrates is so relatable that the impact of the learning is indelible. More important than the learning is the shift in perspective that he is able to achieve in his audience which sets them on a learning journey of their own.
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Swapnalekha Basak
CEO, HCS Wellness
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A Completely Different State of Being

What happened when I decided to Break Free?

I became more aware of my emotional wellbeing understanding the difference between processing emotion vs. blocking it. More importantly, I understood when my emotions were starting to take over and I paused through breathwork to prevent saying anything I would later regret.

Through a higher state of awareness, I started to detach from anything that no longer served any purpose in my life and declutter it from my life. Without all that dead weight being pulled around, I was able to see with more clarity and drive greater results in all areas of my life.

With my body & mind operating more optimally, I started to achieve results which previously were unimaginable. Using this momentum, not only did I start to scale my internal summits, but the mountains were calling me again and I decided once again to push through my boundaries and climb some of the tallest mountains in the world.

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The joy I felt when I first broke free was so profound that I felt that it HAD to be shared. I made it my mission to help others learn to let go and reach the same state as I once did.

A Different Life Awaits You. Are You Ready?

Break Free is now available worldwide at all leading platforms in print and ebook format.
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What People Are Saying About Break Free

"Similar to Tim Ferriss and Robin Sharma"
Saahil, similar to Tim Ferris and Robin Sharma, is able to practice what he preaches. Saahil's holistic approach to decluttering really pushes us to delve deep into our conscious and remove the unnecessary from our life. The book is personal and enlightening with many tips and to dos that one can use in their daily life.
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Vishal Mehta
Director, Lumex
"Saahil's story and journey is inspirational."
Being reminded that it actually takes very little to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life and that accumulating things is rarely the solution for finding inner peace was very valuable. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their life and ready to make some changes.
testimonial olivia manner
Olivia Manner
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Just Launched!

Finding Your Voice

Talking about mental health isn’t something that tends to come up readily in particular social environments, or naturally, for men.

Men everywhere find it difficult to open up about mental health, though they are significantly more at risk of attempting suicide than women. They are less expressive or have fewer channels to vent or communicate than women as well.

To answer these difficult questions and to provide the inspiration necessary to have these important and neglected conversations, I am proud to announce that I have co-authored a new book titled “Finding Your Voice” which will be released in the coming months!

This book talks about the journey of 22 men from around the world who transcended by finding their voice, and it is my sincere hope that other men read these stories and also start to open up, rather than bottle up their emotions which leads to challenges for them and loved ones.

Get your copy at the links below!

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