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What can you expect from the foundation course?

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn how to declutter each week:

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Week 1 - Health

The most important place to start decluttering! Nothing else matters if you don't have the good health to enjoy it.

break free foundation course video 2 cover personal growth saahil mehta

Week 2 - Personal Growth

5 secrets that I implemented in my own life to invest in myself and reach my summits of success

break free foundation course video 3 cover relationships saahil mehta

Week 3 - Relationships

How strained relationships are a form of clutter, and how they may be holding you back, and how to find your way forward

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Week 4 - Business and Career

I share some of the most important lessons in leadership I've learned from great leaders such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

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Week 5 - All About Money

How to change your relationship with money, understand the misconceptions around what it does, and its true role in your life

At the end of five weeks, you will have…

More time

To pursue your passion and priorities and make yourself a priority

Greater focus

Along with increased awareness in all areas of your life

Better relationships

Stronger and deeper connections with the people who matter to you

High energy

Wake up with clarity of purpose each day, so that you never feel lost

Love and joy

Live your life rather than letting fear and stress dictate it

Self acceptance

Never worry about judgement and know what you're doing is right

The foundation course will empower you to

live life on your own terms.

iPad Optin Break Free Foundation Course Saahil Mehta

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