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Amplify Your Impact

Helping Social Leaders Transform Vision into Action

Highly effective group coaching to lead with clarity and purpose, achieve your goals, and make a massive positive impact.

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Having the passion to create a better world is important, but passion alone is never enough.

our challenge

As a Leader In This Industry

Turning your expertise into tangible impact can feel daunting

Unlike more traditional businesses, there is no clear, structured blueprint to achieve your goals

You feel isolated, with few peers who truly understand your challenges, struggles, and fears

You face internal barriers and mindset roadblocks that limit your growth and effectiveness

You are bogged down by clutter and inefficiencies while everyone demands your time

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We understand just how few people in your life and industry understand, empathise, and have resolved similar challenges.

So we created Amplify Your Impact, a 6 month coaching program to give you a strategic plan to bridge this gap, help you and your business create the change you want to see, and support you to feel confident you’re getting it right.


Find the Answer

How do I build a sustainable business around making the world a better place?

You have a lot experience and wisdom in your field. But how does that translate to making the tangible impact you are looking for?

And more importantly, how can you do it in a sustainable way so that you can continue to reach your goals consistently and build a legacy of a better planet?

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amplify your impact

This group coaching program gives you

All the tools you need to create massive, positive impact

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Structured Coaching Rooted in Experience

Gain absolute clarity about impact goals that matter to you, evolve mindsets that are inhibiting your growth, and adopt tools and systems of personal and professional leadership with the help of a supportive network to accomplish those goals.

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Dedicated Coach for 6 Months

Stay on track with advice to help you with your specific challenges. With 3 one-on-one coaching sessions and 6 once-a-month group coaching check-ins, you will ensure consistent progress towards your goals.

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Empowering Community

As part of a group coaching cohort, each leader will have a ripple effect beyond their personal areas of impact in a peer-to-peer accountability backed learning model. Take clear, focused action alongside your peers, collectively amplifying each other’s impact!

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How It Works

Fill out a quick application form

Spend a few minutes telling us about yourself, your goals, your challenges, and what you're expecting from the program.

Attend the coaching sessions

Elevate your leadership and mindset with tools that will enable you to break free from the clutter holding you back.

Change your community's lives

Experience the joy of turning your knowledge and skills into meaningful positive impact that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Just by joining this program, you will already have started to make a positive impact!

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What people are saying about Saahil's coaching

Hear from other social leaders just like you who have experienced Saahil’s coaching programs and amplified their voice and impact beyond all expectations.

Most coaching programs to create social impact only scratch the surface, which is why you never see sustainable results

All that changes when you join Amplify Your Impact

As a member of this exclusive group coaching program, you’ll get a clear, strategic plan for going beyond the symptoms of your problems and consciously removing the clutter from your personal and professional life. This frees you up to create more impact in less time.

Your Coaching Journey

What You Get

Session 1: Designing the Coaching Alliance

We'll examine where you stand on the scale of regret to fulfilment, your current definition of success, and we'll reframe success with tools such as our signature Wheel of Life and 70 Year Old exercise

Session 2: Identifying Clutter

We'll identify what's holding you back (both known and unknown) across 4 dimensions in your life

Session 3: Declutter Your Mind

We'll uncover self-limiting thoughts and transform them into elevating thoughts, set new AM/PM rituals, discover your #1 priority, use the "Why Worry?" framework, and do the acceptance and wolf exercises

Session 4: Declutter Your Relationships

You'll be introduced to the concept of a 1 degree shift, learn how to avoid assumptions, and rethink acceptance vs. expectations. You'll also learn how to navigate confrontational conversations, reflect on who your heroes are, and do a powerful gratitude exercise for people who have impacted you

Session 5: Declutter Your Body, Lifestyle, and Finances

You'll enable a higher level of awareness + conscious consumption: what you eat, when you eat, how you feel post eating some foods, water rituals, mindful eating, and sleep, body scan, and best practices. You'll also learn how to manage money better, examine what financial freedom looks like for you, and the top 3 things that are holding you back from chasing your financial freedom goals

Session 6: Closing and Next Steps

We'll end with establishing what a zero-regret life looks like to you, define your growth goals, and give you a framework to track them monthly

your coach

Meet Your Mentor

I'm Saahil Mehta

As a global citizen, I have built successful businesses across two continents; but even after doing so, I struggled to experience peace, happiness, and abundance. Only once I was able to conquer my self-limiting mindsets and habits was I able to re-invent the complete spectrum of life – from mental focus to physical excellence.

With a singular focus on “de-cluttering” what no longer serves my life’s true calling and purpose, I was able to scale the actuals summits of the world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery.

Honoured to be a member of:

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Why Is Saahil the Right Mentor For You?

Industry experience

Saahil's dual experience in managing profit-driven and mission-driven businesses positions him uniquely to understand your specific challenges.

Talks the talk, walks the walk

Saahil practices what he preaches, believing that at a certain point, every human must learn to prioritise people and planet over corporate profits.

Passionate about YOU

Saahil is not just a coach, but a practising serial entrepreneur who is immensely passionate about amplifying positive impact for purpose-driven organisations.

Track record of success

Saahil has coached many ambitious entrepreneurs and social impact leaders just like you to lead their businesses with absolute clarity.


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