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Success Coach to Conscious Entrepreneurs

I enable conscious leaders to define what success means to them and eliminate clutter in their way to live the zero regret life.

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Get my five high impact tips to scale your summits of success faster while enjoying greater productivity, stronger relationships, and inner peace.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Saahil Mehta.

I am an entrepreneur, author, and a passionate mountaineer.

Since 2010, I have scaled six of the tallest mountains in the world across five continents – a dream that I harboured since childhood.

As a global citizen, I have built successful businesses across two continents; but even after doing so, I struggled to experience peace, happiness, and abundance. Only once I was able to conquer my self-limiting mindsets and habits was I able to re-invent the complete spectrum of life – from mental focus to physical excellence.

With a singular focus on “de-cluttering” which no longer serves my life’s true calling and purpose, I was able to scale the actual summits of the world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery.

Breaking Free was so liberating and invigorating, and the joy and abundance that I felt was so profound that I felt everyone should have the chance to experience it.

As a success coach to conscious entrepreneurs, I enable you to get diamond grade-clarity so that you too can break free as I once did.

On this journey, it’s been a privilege to be recognised as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches who are committed to elevating leaders like YOU worldwide.

Brands that Trust Me

Saahil's session was on point...it was a wonderful experience having Saahil as a guest speaker for our organization connect. It has become an even more important area for people to focus on their wellbeing and he helped us outline simple tips and tricks with which we can declutter our lives. What really stood out was that the actions were so specific and simple that it really helped people apply them to their lives.
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Azmeenay Arshad
Brand Director, P&G

How Can I Help You?

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As a mountaineer, I can tell you that clutter, essentially excess weight that no longer serves any function or purpose, is going to require more energy, more time and reduce your chances of getting to the summit. I am Saahil Mehta, and I enable ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs like you to scale their summits of success faster.

Every epic summit and goal is scaled by adopting the right mindset, rituals and tools to empower your ascent! It begins with having clarity of your summit, decluttering your life to optimize forward momentum and finally practicing new rituals, tools and behaviors that will keep you accountable and moving in the direction of your summit.

Your summits are waiting for you, are you ready to scale them?

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Workshops & Master Classes

Get your entire team on the fast-track to becoming the leaders of tomorrow that the world needs

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Looking to learn more about decluttering and how it can help you reach your personal summits of success?

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Discover why 30+ top international organisations such as the TATA Group have trusted me to hold events for their teams

Imagine personal success
beyond your wildest dreams

My Break Free framework will help you become the best version of you, and live to your fullest potential.

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What can you expect to achieve when you Break Free?

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More time

To pursue your passion and priorities and make yourself a priority

Greater focus

Along with increased awareness in all areas of your life

Better relationships

Stronger and deeper connections with the people who matter to you

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High energy

Wake up with clarity of purpose each day, so that you never feel lost

Love and joy

Live your life rather than letting fear and stress dictate it

Self acceptance

Never worry about judgement and know what you're doing is right

Fantastic session!!! Given my current situation with lot of "clutter" this session has been profound and eye-opening. Great insights and learnings from your experiences of mountaineering as well! Conscious living is what I'm taking away from this session, which was just beautifully delivered.
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Sanjay Nayak
TMTC, Tata Group
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Get my five high impact tips to scale your summits of success faster while enjoying greater productivity, stronger relationships, and inner peace.

Podcasts & Interviews

Bringing you actionable insights from the world’s greatest leaders, authors, and events

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Let's Talk About Men: Interview with Soul Traveller Magazine
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3 Tips for Upgrading Your Health and Wellness Quotient: Ma3May Podcast
Saahil's session on decluttering was incredibly powerful. His authentic and humble delivery of his message raised me to a new level of understanding of life's purpose and my own soul plan. I would definitely recommend it as an eye opener for something much bigger.
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Nita Maru
Solicitor and Managing Partner, TWS Legal Consultants

Break Free

Start Living Life on Your Own Terms!

With this book, you will master the art of strategically decluttering the non-essentials in life - your mind, your body, people, and your material life. Once you start your journey, you will you truly empower yourself to break free from the illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Amazing thought processes, and easy to implement in life. I have been waiting for something which will change the course of my life and now I have it. Love it.
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Dharmin Ved
CEO of 6thStreet.com

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