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Climb Your Everest with Saahil Mehta

5 strategies to conquer all your goals


there's a reason

Most people make resolutions in January, but...

...reach a plateau at the end of the month, and give up before February!

Those who succeed do certain things extremely well. This webinar will teach you five strategies on how to reach your goals and how to use them to propel yourself forward – no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

What will you learn?

Developing Your Mountain Mindset

Which mountain are you climbing today? Identifying and prioritising your goals

Human Being vs.
Human Doing

What do we need to declutter to become the person who can accomplish these goals?

Knowing Your "Why" and "WHY NOW"

What will ensure that you never give up, even when you're running on reserve?

The Importance of Accountability

3 stories and 3 techniques that will change the way you think about holding yourself accountable

The Stakeholders for Each Mountain

No lofty goal is achieved in a silo! Identify those involved and build and maintain momentum towards the collective vision

Learn how to truly conquer your goals this year

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