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A highly personal and guided journey designed to enable you to declutter your life and scale your summits of success faster.

My life's biggest breakthroughs came from my travels to the mountains. This retreat could be the breakthrough you're looking for!

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Our Destination:

Nag Tibba, the Highest Peak in the Lower Himalayan Region

At an altitude of 3,022 m (9915 ft), Nag Tibba is a delight for people from all over the world, showcasing some of the best serenity and trekking routes through thick jungles and meadows. You’ll witness beautiful flora and fauna, lush green mountains, and dense forests – and find the time, space, and atmosphere to recharge, reconnect with yourself, and break free.

Working towards your personal dreams and goals is one of the most fulfilling expressions of human happiness.

On this retreat, you will learn new things about yourself: from your endurance, to how to prepare for challenges, weathering hardships, self-confidence, mindfulness, and going where others fear – and bring these lessons from the summit into your business, everyday family and life, and most importantly, into YOURSELF!

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Go Further Than Ever Before

Where Most Others Stop, That's Where I Begin!

This is no ordinary retreat! While most such events focus on building bonds, helping you shift your mindset, and going from “I can’t” to “I can”, that’s where they end…missing a key component of the entire journey. That’s why most people don’t get results – because their journeys aren’t over yet!

This retreat was designed to help you get the right tools, techniques, and lessons to help you declutter and mould yourself into a more practical, confident person with diamond-grade clarity on how to be successful. It blends elements from my personal Break Free methodology and is focused on ACTION. It’s about maintaining accountability after it’s all said and done. My journey with you is only complete when you are able to say…

"I Can't" → "I Can" → "I Will" → "I DID!"

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It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

– Sir Edmund Hillary

What to Expect

Escape to a mountain retreat to experience the benefits of Breaking Free that will leave you feeling completely recharged and on the way to scaling your summits of success MUCH faster than you ever imagined!

You’ll enhance your productivity and return to your routine with a renewed sense of energy, less stress, and fresh ideas. In this natural setting, you’ll have the opportunity to spark innovation and think outside the box, enhancing your creativity.

Dedicating the time away to apply the Break Free philosophy will do wonders for your mental and physical well-being. You’ll have the opportunity to take a step back and assess your current situation to gain total mental clarity and develop a plan to achieve your dreams. You’ll also have the chance to learn new skills and competencies that apply to both your work and personal life.



Gain a high level of self-awareness and learn how to make intentional choices aligned with your values and goals

Team Building & Bonding

For not only during the retreat, but with direct, actionable ideas to take back and implement within your team at home

Leadership: a New Perspective

Take on varying roles and responsibilities while enjoying the experience to emerge a more well-rounded and capable leader!

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Top Reasons to Join Saahil

Here's what makes Saahil is the ideal coach and mentor to take you on this retreat!

Accomplished mountaineer

Saahil has scaled some of the tallest peaks in the world, including Kala Patthar (near Mt. Everest), Mt. Kilimanjaro (tallest in Africa), Mt. Elbrus (tallest in Europe), Mt. Chopicalqui in Peru, and Pico de Orizaba (tallest in Mexico!)

Accomplished entrepreneur

When not on a mountain, Saahil is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses across three continents, making him a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their entrepreneurial skills

Unique and fun delivery

Saahil's fun nature will not only enable you experience a totally new side of yourself through the unique Break Free philosophy, but it'll be completely unlike any other "self-development retreat"!

Talks the talk, walks the walk

Saahil practices what he preaches: having reinvented himself by conquering his own self-limiting mindsets and habits, he is an inspiring role model for anyone looking to achieve personal mastery

Track record of success

With unmatched focus and skill at identifying things that don't serve your goals, he has a track record of enabling people to find greater clarity and purpose. He's done it with others - he'll do this for you!

Passionate about YOU

Saahil passionately believes that breaking free is something everyone should experience, and is fully committed to enabling retreat participants in their personal growth and transformation journey

Have Questions?

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions below:

Please check AccuWeather for an up-to-date advisory on the conditions.

There are no special health and/or physical requirements to attend this retreat!

As long as you don’t have major health concerns or pre-existing conditions, you will be able to keep up with the requirements of our treks and climbs (even if you have never climbed a mountain before!)

For the first two nights of this four-day retreat, you will be staying on the mountainside in luxury tents. Tents are equipped with beds – a great way to experience a night-out in the mountain while still having a comfortable and restful sleep. A toilet tent is available at the campsite.

For the third night, you will be staying at a luxury hotel with modern amenities and facilities. Please note: accommodation is provided on a twin-sharing basis.

The retreat is inclusive of all meals. Meals provided on the mountain will be vegetarian, while the hotel will have non-vegetarian options including a buffet breakfast.

Yes! Everything is taken care of for you from the moment you land until the time you leave.

The team on the ground are experienced professionals and medically trained, and carry first aid kits at all times in case of emergencies. As long as you exercise caution and heed their instructions and advice, you should be fine!

Yes, there is phone and internet coverage in the area.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Click here to send me an email.

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Meet Your Mentor

I'm Saahil Mehta

I am an entrepreneur, author, and a passionate mountaineer.

Since 2010, I have scaled six of the tallest mountains in the world across five continents – a dream that I harboured since childhood.

As a global citizen, I have built successful businesses across three continents; but even after doing so, I struggled to experience peace, happiness, and abundance. Only once I was able to conquer my self-limiting mindsets and habits was I able to re-invent the complete spectrum of life – from mental focus to physical excellence.

With a singular focus on “de-cluttering” what no longer serves my life’s true calling and purpose, I was able to scale the actuals summits of the world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery.

Breaking Free was so liberating and invigorating, and the joy and abundance that I felt was so profound that I felt everyone should have the chance to experience it.

I want to help you get diamond grade-clarity so that you too can break free as I once did.

Are you ready for a life-changing retreat?
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