My Journey

“They did not know it was impossible,
so they did it.”

This has become my mantra in life and pushes me beyond my mental limits to truly understand what I am capable of.

This started back in 2002 when I successfully completed the London Marathon. Although I hated running, I saw it as a challenge and wanted to push myself physically. In fact, I trained so hard that I stretched the ligaments in both my feet due to the aggressive training regime, and was even advised against the race by my physiotherapist. In the end we settled for ‘if it starts to hurt bad, stop’…luckily for me that did not happen. This eventually inspired me to complete my first Olympic distance triathlon in 2017. I didn’t realise at the time, but the long period of time alone allowed me to start my journey within.

For some reason or the other however, life took over and it wasn’t until the end of 2010, did I stop making excuses and took off on my next adventure which was getting to the top of Kala Patthar (5,643m) in the Himalayas which was a little higher than the base camp of Mount Everest. I got the mountain bug after which my wife and I decided that we would climb again as soon as our kids would reach a certain age.

Fast forward to 2017, I summited the tallest free standing mountain in the world and the highest peak in Africa at 5,895m - Mount Kilimanjaro

In 2017 Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa at 5,895m

This was followed by summiting the tallest peak in Europe at 5,642m in 2018 - Mount Elbrus. This also gave our first taste of technical climbing which involved harnesses and ropes.

In 2018 Mount Elbrus, Europe at 5,642m

After completing two of the seven summits, in 2019 we successfully summited Mount Chopicalqui at 6,354m in Peru. This was our first summit over 6,000m which was also our first experience with ice axes. While in Peru, we also visited the Amazon rain forest where I witnessed the circle of life in perfect harmony. Everything dead or alive had a purpose.

All the above proved to me that I had no idea what my limitations were. This has given me the ability to change my way of thinking from ‘Why?’ to ‘Why Not?’ What is the next adventure that awaits you?

In 2019 Mount Chopicalqui, Peru at 6,354m

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