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Survive the lows to soar the heights

Breakfree - Saahil Mehta

Let me take a guess, you know you need to remove clutter from your life but somehow, things haven’t quite worked out the way you wanted to yet because you find it too hard, it’s too challenging or requires too much effort.

I’ve been there! In my case, I used to make up lots of stories (or excuses if I have to be honest) to prevent myself from even taking the first step. What eventually helped me get over my hurdles was to start imagining what my life would look like without the clutter, to mentally put myself in that state and actually feel how amazing it felt to

Is it going to be easy? No, it will require courage, discipline and humility. 
Is it going to transform your life? Absolutely!

Let me share two areas of my life where I went through a great deal of difficulty during the decluttering phase only to flourish in the end.

Difficulty #1: Being told I need to stop dairy. End result: high energy thanks to the body working optimally.

Being a vegetarian since birth, dairy was a big part of my diet and was pretty much in every meal I ate. When I was told that I had to stop dairy for one year due to a high intolerance, it was if my world had turned upside down. I used to make fun of those on a plant-based diet and here I was in the same boat! My only saving grace was knowing that it was only one year and I would be able to introduce it back after that. 

Once I stopped what I was highly intolerant to, my bloating went away and I started to wake up with a clear nasal passage. In fact my bloating, which was a result of inflammation, was so severe that as I stopped the foods harming my body, my body fat percentage went down from 24% to 13% in a matter of six months. My body started to work at an optimal level and I was so much more energised each day, achieving more than I could have imagined. Although it was a tough process, feeling great certainly made it much easier.

Things were going real well until I hit the next major roadblock.

Difficulty #2: My wife does not recognise me anymore. End result: Marriage hitting a peak.

Hearing these words from my life partner was very painful. I was evolving at such a rapid pace that we started to distance. We were no longer sharing the same dishes at restaurants due to my change in diet. We were no longer having late nights on weekdays as my morning ritual became a priority. We were no longer watching movies/tv shows together as I stopped absorbing content that was not benefitting my life’s purpose. 

Let me be crystal clear here, my life partner is also my #2 priority (#1 being myself of course) and so this was a very scary period for me. On one side I was transforming at a rapid pace and reaching new heights but at the expense of my marriage. Questions such as ‘should I go back’ or ‘let me convince her’ would keep popping in my head and fuel the fear. I asked myself deep down if I was doing anything wrong and my inner voice kept saying ‘No’. It was at that moment that I started to communicate each and every part of my journey with my spouse more proactively and began constantly checking in with my life partner to ensure I bridge the gap that had been created. I had to lead with love and not fear. As a result, our marriage went from ‘oh my goodness, I have no idea where this is going’ to ‘what a blessing it is for us to have each other in our lives’ and has only continued to blossom since.

After going through the incidents highlighted above, I truly understood the concept of no pain, no gain. Even when we climb mountains to reach our summit, we go through several peaks and valleys along the way. The key is to focus on the summit and not the valleys when we are stuck. Which valley do you often find yourself being stuck in? What is the peak that you must not lose sight of? 

If there is one valuable lesson I have learnt along the way…it always works out in the end. This holds true for whatever you’re trying to declutter in your life – so go on, take that plunge!

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