4 Steps to live without excuses: Discover. Persist. Focus. Energise.

I simply do not have the time.

Does the above sound familiar? This is the most common objection I come across when people are looking to remove the clutter from their lives. Before we continue, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you what clutter is – Clutter is nothing more than shunned confrontation.

By decluttering different dimensions of my life, I was able to free up a lot of time which previously was not adding much value in my life. What that did allow however, was the following:

  1. I was able to complete my work tasks and priorities at a much faster pace allowing for greater progress and success with my companies.
  2. I could leave work earlier to ensure I was having dinner with the children daily ensuring more quality time with family.
  3. I started mountain climbing again after a seven year break because life was constantly busy. Over a period of three years, we reached the summits of three mountains; Kilimanjaro – the tallest in Africa, Elbrus – the tallest in Europe and Chopicalqui – a 6,000m+ in South America.

Let me share with you what tools and rituals I implemented to remove clutter from my life which lead to more time towards my passion & priorities to help you make time for yours.

  1. Identify your summit. Once I knew where I wanted to go, I would only focus on what would get me closer to my summit each day. Everything else just had to be put on pause. What are you doing that is not aligned to your summit?
  2. Stop all notifications. I am not sure about you, but I do not like to get distracted when I am in flow. How many times have you been disrupted because your phone made a sound or a notification ran across your screen for an email? I used to be reactive, often being controlled by technology but after switching off all notifications across all devices, I now choose when I want to check emails, messages or phone calls.
  3. Multitasking doesn’t work. I used to think I was great at multitasking until I did the exercise below:
    • Write each letter of the alphabet from A to Z and then below each letter write the numbers starting from 1 to 26. Do this as fast as you can, time yourself and note that down.
    • Now do the same exercise but write A with a 1 underneath followed by B with a 2 underneath and so on. Once again, do this as fast as you can, tie yourself and not that down.
      In my case, part b took 23% longer as a result of alternating between the letters of the alphabet and numbers! Imagine how much time you can save by focusing on one task at a time.
  4. Energise yourself each day. I used to wake up each morning with my alarm and would be on the run from the get go. On many such days I was already tired as my day began. Now I have implemented a morning ritual which consists of movement, breathwork, self reflection and journaling which energises me each day. End result, I now have much higher levels of energy each day and am able to achieve much more.

So you see, as you remove clutter from your life to break free, you actually end up creating time which you can use to fill with your passion and priorities. Imagine what more you can do with your life with those extra hours to scale more summits faster…

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